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Beach Shoot ~ Once Upon A Time Maxi

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Posted on April 03 2018

A few weeks ago we got in these dresses that we were instantly in love with.  So we decided to wait until the sun was out and we could take some fun pics that would really show off just how gorgeous they are.  Last Thursday ended up being the day we chose!  It was a beautiful Spring day here on the Oregon Coast, which means sunny sky's and cold, crisp air.  
We decided to head to Winchester Bay where you get gorgeous sunsets, the lake, the dunes and the beach but after playing around with some different areas, we settled on the beach.  The beach turned out to be the perfect setting for these dresses!
Stacey and I are sisters, the kind that fight really hard but love even harder.  We talk every day, and sometimes fight just as often.  At the end of the day though, we wouldn't trade it for anything in the world (at least I wouldn't).  A sister is a friend for life and my mom and dad set me up pretty good!  This photo shoot was a lot of fun, a ton of cold, and a lot of laughing.  Sister photo shoots should totally be a thing! 
The dresses we are wearing are our Once Upon A Time Maxi's.  They are SO stunning!  They are floor length with an unfinished hem at the bottom and around the waistline, crochet top, adjustable spaghetti straps, open back and lined.  These would be adorable to wear for a wedding, bridesmaids dress, date night, sisters or mommy & me photo shoot or anywhere (who needs an excuse?!).  These dresses will launch tomorrow, April 4th, in our Exclusive Access Group via Live Video at 4pm PST.  You can join the fun here-
Stacey chose to wear the maxi in Midnight and she look absolutely gorgeous.
We decided to take a few sister pics too!  Surprisingly, under the crabbing dock turned out to be a gorgeous backdrop. 
The jetty even looked pretty neat in pictures. 
I ended up wearing this dress in Taupe and it is absolutely incredible.  So flowy, fun and comfortable!
This picture turned out absolutely gorgeous!  Stacey tried to tell me how perfect the lighting was but I was freezing cold because it was windy and didn't really listen.. sometimes I should probably listen to her.. but hey what are sisters for!
And then of course a shot that shows our real personalities and love for each other ;)
xo~ Kelsey & Stacey
Shoot Location- Winchester Bay, Oregon
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