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Natty McNasty Blenders


- Crystal Clear Frame
- Sky Blue Polarized Mirrored Lenses 
- Maximum Comfortability
- Versatile Snap Off Hinge
- Microfiber Pouch Included

There are two types of people in this world: the sort who want to wear a sick pair of shades called, ‘Natty McNasty,’ and the sort who find their delicate sensibilities offended by a name like, ‘Natty McNasty.’ Which are you? 

If you wear these shades, you’ll be richly rewarded. First, there’s the mirrored lenses, which are awesome. The guys who make mirrored lenses don’t mess around: they grind those babies down and polish them til the quality is equal to what you’d expect from a camera lens. Then there’s the snap off hinges, which makes these things hard to break. That’ll come in handy when you sit on these things or throw them at the wall. (We know you will, because you’re nasty.

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