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A Candle for Dirty Thirties

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Potential. Yep, that's what you lost when you turned 30. No one will ever give you that easy out again. Face it, you're never going to be a 20-something millionaire. So now it's time to buckle down, accept defeat, take that day job, and become an absolute rager every weekend just like the rest of us. Dirty Margarita Scented Net Weight: Approximately 10 oz. Burn time: 60 hours Note: Because all of our candles are handmade, no two are identical. © 2022 Whiskey River Soap Co. Always hand-poured and made with our exclusive blend of 100% soy wax and 0% bullshit. Fragrance blends match each concept and corresponding soap. Glass vessel dimensions: 4" D x 2  ½" H Burn time: 60 hours

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